TERMS AND CONDITIONS


Course fee is fixed at 80.00 € per course day per participantThe total amount of the course fee depends on the length of the training course abroad and includes: tuition fee, conference hall rental and audiovisual equipment, wi-fi internet, stationary and course materials, course documents, coffee/tea breaks, cultural activities – sightseeing, for one or two days depending on the duration of the training event, administration costs, school visits at some locations.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sightseeing tour/s is/are applicable only to courses with a duration 6 and more day/s, when one or two weekend day/s is/are included in the course programme as a cultural part of the programme. Sightseeing tour/s is/are not applicable to 5-days courses.

We don't require "package price"(course fee +accommodation+meals) as usually this type of price is much higher than the real expenses. Furthermore, in the case of "package price" participants are restricted regarding their accommodation preferences.The participants will have an option to choose their own accommodation regarding their budget and other preferences. We shall advise them and assist in any possible manner in order to find the best option.

The total amount of the course fee should not be less that the total amount that is stated in the application form.

Participants are responsible for paying their own daily expenses and transport costs using the Erasmus+ grant received by them. Any optional sightseeing visits are not included in the price and are personal choice of participants.

Course fee should be paid via bank transfer.

NGO "Motivated Learning for Everyone" does not accept cash payments.

Participants should pay the full course fee to the organisers 30 days before the course commences.

No flights should be booked prior to 30 days before the commencement of the in-service training course. The receiving organisation (course provider) has no responsibility if the sending organisation decides to do that.

No refund for participants’ cancellations within 3 weeks of arrival date.

If the organisers cancel the course due to unforeseen circumstances they reimburse the already paid course fee to the beneficiary.