You can choose and apply for one or more of MLFE KA1 Erasmus+ COURSES FOR SCHOOL AND ADULT EDUCATION STAFF, held in TOP LOCATIONS in Europe:

We can organise a tailor-made training courses at any European destination and at any period, that would be suitable for your groupsmiley For detailed courses' programmes and registrationsmileymail:

Here is the list of MLFE KA1 Erasmus+ courses:

  1. Improving Teaching and Communication Skills in the Classroom
  2. Stimulating Creativity through Cooperative Learning
  3. Digital Classroom: Using ICT in Education
  4. Enhancing Students’ Motivation through Inquiry – Based Learning
  5. Key competences in socio-cultural and educational inclusion of disadvantaged groups
  6. Bullying: Peer Abuse in School - Effective Prevention
  7. Tips for Teachers: Teaching Refugees and Migrants in My Classroom
  8. Definition, Concept and Implementation of Values Education in the Classroom
  9. Flipped Classroom Model: Benefits for Students and Teachers
  10. Linking Creative Learning with Interdisciplinary Approach
  11. Developing Leadership Proficiency for Effective Team Work and Management
  12. Creating A Win-Win Situation: How The Flipped Classroom Benefits Both Students And Teachers
  13. CLIL Methodology in Primary and Secondary Classroom
  14. Bench-marking Course: Fundamental Know – How for Effective Teaching
  15. 21st Century Education and Teaching Skills
  16. Prevention of Teachers' Professional Burnout as a Way to Improve the Quality of Education
  17. eThink Education: The benefits of Moodle as a Teaching Resource 
  18. Practical Approaches to Early School Dropout Prevention
  19. Mentoring Skills for Career Development
  20. Creative Use of Tablets in Education
  21. Special Education Classroom: Effective Strategies and Productive Learning Environment 
  22. Drama as a Teaching Tool in Education
  23. Practical Approaches to Early School Dropout Prevention
  24. Game - Based Learning and Gamification in My Classroom: Fail or Win?
  25. Navigator to KA1 and KA2 of Erasmus+: How to plan, prepare and mange a Successful Project
  26. Effective Classroom Management: Largest Impact on Students' Achievements 
  27. Design Thinking for Educators: Adding Innovation to Teaching 
  28. Developmentally Appropriate Classroom for Preschool
  29. Involve me: Using the Orff Approach in Preschool
  30. Active Citizenship Training for Staff 
  31. Developing Design Thinking Curriculum
  32. The Impact of Parental Involvement, Parental Support and Family Education on Pupil Achievements
  33. Internationalisation in Schools: Main Aspects
  34. Training To Be a Leader of Active Citizenship
  35. Teaching Students with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
  36. Educating Students with Autism
  37. Maker Centered Education: Transformations of Teaching and Learning
  38. Successful Strategies for Teaching Gifted Learners
  39. The Importance of Montessori Method for Kindergarten Children
  40. Teacher's Guide to Project-Based Learning Classroom: Integration of knowing and doing
  41. STEM Education: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications
  42. Outdoor Education: Learning by Doing, Natural Resources, Knowledge and Skills
  43. Head Start Approach in Preschool: Fostering stable family relationships, enhancing children's physical and emotional well-being and developing their cognitive skills
  44. Ethics and Values in Sport - Guidelines for Physical Education Teachers    
  45. Innovation Center for Teachers: Project – Based and Student – Centered Learning
  46. STOP Cyberbullying
  47.  Sexual education in mentally challenged individuals
  48. CODEACADEMY: Learn to CODE
  49. LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3: Teacher’s Guide
  50. LEGO WeDo 2.0 and Simple Coding for Beginners
  51. Importance of Assessment and Evaluation in Language Classes
  52. Nutrition for Health at School: Preventing Obesity
  53. Increasing Agriculture Entrepreneurship Education and Development in Rural Areas: Need of the Day
  54. Art Education for Mentally Disabled Students: General Art Applications, Drawing and Music Tools, 3D Photography
  55. Teaching Social Skills: Laying the Foundation for Academic Success and Effective Communication
  56. Mind Games at School: Enhancing Students’ Cognitive and Problem – Solving Abilities
  57. Intelligent Use of Social Media in the Classroom