Our International Team of Teacher Trainers:





Klaas Geussens

Bachelor’s Degree –  Teacher Primary School at Limburg Catholic University College, Belgium

Bachelor's Degree –  Teacher for Special Needs at Leuven Catholic University College, Belgium

As a teacher in special education for 15 years, I was more than happy and motivated to be a teacher trainer in European courses.  After attending several Comenius courses in Iceland, Czech Republic and Portugal, I immersed myself in different action methods of education and communication. I am convinced that alternative working strategies have a positive influence on the learning process.

The best thing of being a teacher trainer is working with motivated people.  Teachers from all over Europe come to the most beautiful cities to learn and share experiences in an open and curious way.  They learn from each other and create new friendships. 

Following a course with NGO “Motivated Learning for Everyone” is a great experience. We only go for the best prepared courses to give every participant something to share with their colleagues when they return home and inspire them to do the same.

Accommodation at each location is of high quality, hotels and conference rooms. 

I hope to meet a lot of new people in the future, so don’t hesitate to apply for one of our courses.

With kind regards,

Klaas Geussens,




OPDC Rotterdam en Expertisecentrum Eenheid Zorg LMC VO, Netherlands

I started my educational career at the age of 4, the first day I went to school, and never left. After graduating as teacher in Physical Education, some 40 years ago, I had several positions in schools and grew into the position of principal in several schools for special education in Rotterdam. One of the schools was a special one for “newcomers”, children from all the war zones of the world, who came to the Netherlands and specifically to Rotterdam.

Eventually, in 2003, I was asked to be the new Director of the Extra Educational Needs Project and was given the task of establishing a Rotterdam Center of Expertise for the secondary schools and their Boards of Governors. In this capacity I have enlisted psychologists and ortho-pedagogues which are sent to the schools and support teachers, individual and groups of pupils/students. They are also licensed to declare a mental disorder in the behavior of the children. They then give advice to school teams in how to cope with these pupils/students 

In the meantime I attended several international study visits (Portugal, Spain, France, Norway, Sweden, England) was joint-organizer of one of the largest international Comenius-projects (16 schools from 14 countries) and proposed our National Agency to host a Study Visit-program in Rotterdam on Active citizenship and education to children in need of extra educational care.

I am more an “edutainer” than trainer and I want to challenge participants both intellectually as professionally.

My way of challenging you is the, sometimes shocking, “in your face”-approach.

I do not paint a nice picture but tell it as I see it; straight forward and direct and from long experience.

In this way I am sure the impressions will last and will bring the participants to discuss the things they have experienced with their colleagues back home.

Coming from a very free country that is sometimes far ahead of mainstream educational systems and programs in the other ,”new”, European Countries I realise that not everything I tell will be adaptable “as is”, it may take some time and a lot of effort but in the long run everybody will benefit.

I hope to meet you soon in one of our programs


Robert Roks



Mustafa GÜNEŞ

Coordinator and EU Project Manager of MLFE for Turkey; Trainer

Bachelor’s Degree : Konya Selcuk University, Faculty of Education, Department of Foreign Languages, English Language Teaching

Having graduated from Teacher Training High School in 2000 , I studied in Education Faculty  for being an English teacher for 4 years. I have been teaching English in govermental schools İn Turkey since 2004. I have been participating Comenius and Erasmus projects since 2008.

I have had many students from different age groups and for 6 years I have been teaching  English Language Classes, serving students who want to be Language Teachers…So educating them as the prospective teachers became my ambition. I try to do my best to educate them both pedagogically, linguistically and morally. Because I believe in that only teachers can create better generations for a better world…

 To achieve this holy goal, as teachers, we have huge responsibilities; like keeping ourselves updated and live and being equipped with new techniques and strategies for teaching and we need to deepen our skills to provide more suitable learning environments.

And unfortunately as far as I could observe from the social media and my experiences, most of the teachers need to be motivated more.Because most of us do the same thing everyday in our work routinely, and we generally use the same strategies and techniques to teach as we were taught.After 5 or 6 years teaching experince, it causes burnout syndrome which is very dangerous especially for a teacher.

However we need renew and refresh ourselves instead of repeating.If you are one of those who needs to change something in your school, classroom or even in your country, Motivated Learning For Everyone is the right address to provide your needs. It has changed my horizon a lot.Because it is different from our bachelor education which is a must for us.Attending a prestigious course as much as MLFE and cooperating with ambitious and enthusiastic teachers and lecturers who wants to develop themselves provide much more experiences than you think.

And being one of teammate as an assistant who helps his colleagues to broaden their horizons  in this organization is one of the greatest honour of my life when I consider my holy goal for a better world.

We are waiting to welcome you on our KA1 Training Courses!

Mustafa GÜNEŞ,


Paweł Florczak

Master's degree in Engineering Project Management at Coventry University, United Kingdom; Trainer

Since 2009 I provide lectures and trainings about online marketing, computer skills and also soft skills. I am not only theoretic trainer but my knowledge is enriched by practise and own experience.  On a daily basis I deal with issues associated with the usage of computers and the Internet to achieve better and better results in both professional and personal life. Now, I will help you to improve your ICT skills at your classroom in order to provide better classes :)

 There are a lot of opportunities and advantages of using ICT. Some of them are more complicated and hard to learn, but other ones are really easy. Maybe, you already know some of them, but you do not realize that you can use them in your classroom. I will show you as much I can, during my courses. 

I have also taken part in couple of different Erasmus+ courses which I have really enjoyed and learnt a lot. I am proud to be a part of teacher trainers team in NGO "Motivated Learning for Everyone". I hope to meet great people from the whole Europe and share our experience and know-how in beautiful places where courses take place.

 So, welcome to our courses!


Pawel Florczak,



Izabela Monieta

Master's degree in English Language and Literature at Warsaw University, Poland;
Teacher in primary school; lecturer in Foreign Language School - Empik School

Taking part in Comenius partnerships and individual mobilities have enriched my teaching opportunities and changed my view on teaching. As a primary teacher, I’ve been able to expand my skills and work on a variety of methods including cooperative learning, TPR, alternative methods, Callan.. I like the versatility of my role that allows me to develop both my didactic skills and by being the coordinator of international projects- organizational skiils. In the foreign language school I work with adults and teenagers. I am into teaching, the best thing for me is meeting new people and sharing the experience. I believe that sharing our knowledge, ideas with the teachers around Europe is unforgettable experience. I also enjoy eTwinning projects.
As far as teaching is concerned I am convinced that motivation is the key to our students’ success. Creative methods, cooperative learning have a positive impact on the education of next generations.
Thanks to courses organized by NGO "Motivated Learning for Everyone" you can develop your competences, work on your School European Development Plan, meet new poeple, see the sights, share your knowledge. My courses are targeted at teachers of different subject searching for opportunities to develop their proffessional skills. 

Looking forward to meeting you!

Best regards, 
Izabela Monieta


Kamila Florczak

Master's degree in Engineering Project Management at Coventry University, United Kingdom; Trainer

I am co-founder of NGO Active People Association which main aims are: promoting active and safe lifestyle among young people, developing their interests and passions, vocational support, promoting of entrepreneurship and the European Union. Besides leading organisation, I am also responsible for trainings, workshops and happenings which involve students in activities outside the school. I conduct trainings about communication, volunteering, project management, team working and ICT. 

Working with youngsters allowed me to learn a lot about their expectations, way of learning, approach to education and skills development. I believe, that each participant requires attention and equal treatment no matter their knowledge, believes and priorities. 

Besides, I have also participated in many different courses, also within Grundtvig/Erasmus+ Programmes, which allowed me to get a perspective of how to lead trainings for international groups. 

What I enjoy the most when providing a course is high level of energy and motivation and also ability to learn about people, culture, different perspectives. I learn a lot as a trainer as well! :)

 Looking forward to meet you!

Pozdrawiam serdecznie,

Kamila Florczak


Elif Kaya

Bachelor’s Degree –  German Language and Literature at Selçuk University, Turkey

Having obtained my bachelor’s degree in teaching German from the University in Konya, I moved to Balıkesir where I worked as an English and German teacher in a private language course. I've had lots of students from different levels. (Kids, teenagers, general english(elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate,) , adults, German classes from every grade [Mittel/ Oberstufe] 

I participated in many Oxford teachers trainings and methodology seminars at Goethe Institutes also. All these were about Management Through Learning Styles , Motivation: Young Learners and Adults, Motivation: Testing for Young Learners and Adults, Teacher Motivation, Reflection and Awareness, How to make reading and listening activities more interesting, Advanced Methodology Training, Learning German Teaching, German Teaching Methods and Techniques.

I’ve had private lessons in various levels of English and German since 2009, preparing students for Pearson exams.

I’ve worked as a German teacher in a governmental school in Çanakkale for 3 years. I’ve been having eTwinning projects about language skills.

I am interested in preparing lesson plans, developing authentic teaching materials, and communicative classroom activities and also focused on teaching through visuals, games, songs, chants, real materials, TPR activities and using technology and Web 2.0 Tools.

In my free time, I enjoy music and dance, long walks and video games.I like reading, writing short stories for pleasure, swimming and searching on the net to develop myself. I think that although we are teachers we also go on learning everyday and the life, itself, consists of life-long learning and the desire to learn!

We offer a number of different training and professional development opportunities for teachers according to their experience and needs, grouped under different categories.

Looking forward to meet you in our lessons!

With my best wishes,

 Elif Kaya


Maja Petrushevska

Founder and Trainer in PETKA (Personal Education, Training and Knowledge Association)Lecturer at the University of Vechta, Germany (Business & Ethics Department).

Teaching the following subjects as part of the Certificate of International Management and Practical Ethics (CIME):

  • International and Intercultural Management

  • Management Consulting and CoachingCulture and Ethics of Human Resources

  • Global Standards of Corporate Social Responsibility

PhD researcher at the Department for Social Services Management, University of Vechta, Germany

Master in Marketing: University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius”, Faculty of Economics – Skopje, North Macedonia

I appreciate the value of ambition and insistence. In my opinion, individual success is result of a great commitment. Through the years I have constantly supported my educational continuous improvement which started long time ago. For my personal development the most significant was the learning process after my graduation in 2004 at the Department of Marketing within Faculty of Economics in Skopje. In July 2009 I passed my master thesis “Service positioning in mobile telephony” on the same Department and Faculty. At the moment I am working on my doctoral thesis “The instruments of the marketing mix concept within the non-profit organizations in the developed countries and the case in Republic of North Macedonia” as an exchange PhD researcher at the Department for Social Services Management at Vechta University in Germany. As of 01.04.2017 I became a lecturer at the same University for management subjects which are part of the Certificate of International Management and Practical Ethics (CIME).

Additionally, my thirteen years of working experience in six different, mostly international companies allowed me to acquire great practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of marketing, sales and purchasing. In the last six years I gathered experience in Purchasing as EMEA Category Buyer for Corporate Services in Delphi Automotive, as Indirect Site Buyer in Visteon Electronics and as Plant Buyer in Johnson Controls. During the one-year working period in the marketing agency Saatchi & Saatchi I managed successfully to complete many projects related to marketing campaigns for T-Mobile and Procter & Gamble. The experience in Zito Luks AD (Bread and Bakery factory) particularly affected my ability to guide projects in the field of marketing and sales, negotiating with companies for joint marketing campaigns, sales analysis, as well as making presentations and ongoing marketing reports. Working in T-Mobile Macedonia at three different positions in sales enriched my experience in the field of services and helped me to become more familiar with sales processes, as part of an overall marketing strategy of this company.

Willing to share my knowledge and experience, in January 2013 I founded PETKA (Personal Education, Training and Knowledge Association), where I work as a trainer in the field of personal education, career development, negotiations, soft skills, marketing, management, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, social entrepreneurship, social inclusion and other topics. I am also responsible for preparing projects together with partner organizations.

As a trainer in the organization, I had opportunity to attend a lot of Erasmus+ trainings and conferences in different countries including: Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain and Germany. These international events completely have influenced my view to international cooperation, motivation for education, personal development, ideas for changes and better future. I have learned that participating and organizing international training or projects is great challenge which initiates skills and competencies improvement, and increase the capacity for better projects and multicultural cooperation.

Erasmus+ KA1 Training Courses at “Motivated Learning for Everyone” are great opportunity for me to share my knowledge and experience with more and more participants. In my opinion, knowledge and experience can reach their real value not only if they are used by yourself, but rather if they are shared with others.

 Apply for the next call and grab the opportunity! smiley

 See you,

Maja Petrushevska

North Macedonia

Cristina Peicuti

Coordinator of MLFE in Romania; trainer

Master's Degree of Sustenable Rural Development Management at European Standards – Faculty of Management – Timisoara University  and Master's Degree of Educational Management – Faculty of Science, Psychology and Physical Education, Arad University

Bachelor's Degree of Education Sciences – Faculty of Education Science and Social Assistance -Arad University and Bachelor's Degree of Economic Sciences - Faculty of Financial Accounting Management Bucharest University

I work as a primary teacher  for 21 years, and for 4 years  as project manager as authorized person in consulting business and management activities in NGO “Asociatia Microregionala Tara Fagetului”, through which I organize, run and manage different activities with youngsters but also implementing development  european projects of Axis 4 LEADER Rural Development Programme  for  14 comunities from west part of Romania, in partnership with all cityhalls. I have had experience as rural promoter too, involved in the training of people, and also running the project Posdru Ruralbiz –Initiative for a lasting rural development, in a partnership with Chamber of Trade, Industry and Agriculture of Caras Severin County. I also run courses of facilitation and professional development activities with didactic staff in POSDRU – “Profesional facilitation for the quality of efficient training”project with West Timisoara University.

       I have been coordinating many educational national project, Etwinning projects, Multilateral and Bilateral Comenius, Youth, Grundtvig projects, Life Long Training, Study Visits and Erasmus+ projects for many schools as I am member of Advisory Board of Timis School Inspectorate – Projects and Educational Programmes Department.

        Being part of MLFE team as coordinator for Romania, motivates me because I like to help colleagues and to leave something behind me, to contribute at a certain level at their professional development and of the society and the new generation consequently. For doing our teacher  job we need the use of the full potential, for completing the knowledge and find out new informations, and I believe that the MLFE courses will provide and develop professional skills that all of us need, needs that cannot be met any better in any other context, unless you will have the opportunity to be trained by the best team through practical exercises and through the specific terminology, in an international working environment  in many European countries.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Cristina Peicuti





Bachelor’s Degree: Ege University-Faculty of Education - Computer and Instructional Technologies Teaching, Turkey

Master Degree: Ege University-International Computer Institute

Hi everyone :) I am working as ICT teacher at a public school in Turkey. Also, during this year, I have worked as Project assistante at Izmir Provincial Directorate of National Education in Turkey. After graduating from the Department of Information Technology Teaching of Ege University, I started to make the master degree at International Computer Institute in Izmir. During my master degree, I studied on the Natural Language Processing which is the sub-branch of Artificial Intelligence.

Throughout my university education, I participated in many seminars and trainings in the field of Information Technologies. The most striking and useful training for me was Cisco Technical Education. Because after I received Cisco's CCNA certification, I got a chance to serve as Network System Support expert during University Olympics in 2005 in Izmir. This experience has given me to improve myself in the area of Network Systems. My proficiency in information technology is that Web and 3D graphic design, Object-based programming(C#), SQL, C++, Photoshop, Web Programming (Php), Dreamweaver, Web2 Tools, Office Programs...

While I go on teaching about these areas at school, I have started to deal with the Erasmus+ projects and improved myself in this area, too. First of all, I participated in trainings about the Project management in Izmır. Then, throughout 2013-2014 education year, after attending the trainings and getting detailed information related to the new framework of Erasmus + Program (KA1, KA2, KA3 Projects) I prepared a KA1 project. And, it was awarded with a really high points by Turkish National Agency.  Despite being the first year to implement the new Erasmus+ program, the KA1 project that I wrote with my self-sacrificing studies was successful. We were one of two successful schools in İzmir. Via KA1 project, I got a training on preparing Erasmus + projects in Italy. After this training, I made an other succesful KA2 project. We worked on this Project (Multidisciplinary Flipped Learning with ICT Project) as eighth different countries. It was related to innovative and students centered educational model –Flipped Learning.

I can tell you about myself that I give importance to produce innovative, collaborative, creative projects, and also I always aim to catch the success in my life. Just imagine what you want to do in your life. Never give up your dreams and always keep trying... At the end, you will see that you have catched your dreams...




Kina Dimitrova

Master's Degree in Literature and Bulgarian Language at Sofia University "Saint Kliment Ohridski", Bulgaria; Trainer

I have always believed that being a teacher is a vocation, which consists of talent, knowledge and communication skills. Also, I have always considered that the teaching profession is one of the most important in the modern society, because the teacher is the person who helps for building young people’s character. Our main goal as an Erasmus+ KA1 Course Provider is to help bringing the necessary qualities to the educational work of everybody who exercises the teaching profession, both in School and Adult Education, trying to be helpful in every possible and creative way. If you ask me whether we are aiming to create the Ideal Teacher, I would say – NO. It is impossible to be achieved. But, according to me, everyone who has chosen the teaching profession, is ideal in his/her own, unique way. Because the teacher is the one who enlightens children, sharing with them joy and problems. The good teacher ignores the selfishness and leaves personal problems outside the classroom.  Praises even the smallest students' successes. Focuses on the essentials and misses pointless details, thus making lessons more interesting. Deals with each student individually. Does not behave as "absolute authority" and helps students to develop their imagination and creativity, showing their potential interests and skills. Teacher aims to develop critical thinking  in young people.  Accepts any errors as the way to learn from them. With one word – teacher helps students to become better people and to feel significant and responsible members of the society.

I do believe, that all of you, our present and future partners and participants, are teachers like that!

I would like to welcome you to our courses – to learn, to teach, to enjoy all together!

Kindest Regards,

Kina Dimitrova,

President of NGO “Motivated Learning for Everyone” and Teachers' Trainer